J. Detzkies
Kojiniu Fabrika 1st Factory and Store.
Around 1920 to ?
Turgaus g-ve  48-49

Ideal  Kojiniu Fabrikas (J.Detzkies) 2nd Factory and Living Quarters.
From 1930 to 1939
ZEMES KADASTRO (Katastro .Valdybe
Nr. 22 ukio knygose Tomas 26 Lapas 785
Klaipeda Memel 17 July 1933
Seller, Fritz
Parzelle 1305/540   erwirbt: Detzkies, Anne geb. Melaschus Kaufmannns Frau in Memel

in English:
Stocking factory was located on the right side close to old highway, leading to Palanga from Klaipeda. In those days the land was clear and the place was called [ziegelei] Next to our factory was Petzelberg estate.

Additional documents; Describe Factory was built in Klaipeda (Memel) the main highway was called Tannenbergstasse in 1940. Also the 1933 Katastro document shows the highway as Tauerlauken highway. The Land Register Book refers to Volume 26 Journal 2665 (Plot) Parcel 1305/540.

In LITHUANIAN: Kojiniu fabrikas, Jis radosi senuoju plentu, vaziojant I PaLANGA IS Klipedos desinioje puseje. Tada buvo laukai ir ta vieta vaidinosi” plytine ziegelei. Uz musu fabriko buvo P. Petzelberger dvarelis.
Drawing was done by Jonas Deckys, of our parent’s 2nd factory and logo (IDEAL) Kojiniu Fabrikas, Strumpf Fabrik and location in Klaipeda.  At that time there was no address. The stocking factory was located close to old highway, leading to Palanga from Klaipeda on the right side. In those days the land was clear and the place was called wide [ ziegelei] (don’t know how to translate this word).  Next to our factory was Petzelberger estate, Klaipeda Lithuania.

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